Art 2 Final Prortfolio

I feel that this is the most successful project I have ever done. The theme here is interesting point of view and I choose a hamburger because it seemed interesting also it looks like you are about to take a bit. I feel that I could draw the burger a little better same with the tomato, the challenge thing was drawing the hands but it turned out well. I made it big so that people could see in there point of view on what they are doing. I am proud of this project. I think I did really well on it so it shows me that I have some control on my pencil and shading.        

I feel that oh the places we will go was a challenge because you have to figure out what place do you want to go, do a little researcher, what should we draw, how will this work, etc but it is risk you got to take. I choose Egypt because Egypt is interesting to me and also there culture. What challenge me was how am I going to make this work because there is not lot of thing in Egypt. Then I did a little research and came across the gods and goddesses then I started to have a little vision and thought why not. The other challenge was the pen and ink too since I'm not that good in pen but I manage to get it in control.      

3)  The figure and character design shows my growth as an artist because now I can draw a random character with the help of a figure drawing. The figure drawing was a little challenging but once you get the shape of the body and later add detail it is easy. I feel that is I see something and study the object or a person closely I can sketch them and add some detail. Or if I have a little vision that I could make a little sketch of it even though it might not turn out on what I had in mind. With the help of the figure I can know draw the character doing something instead of just standing.

I think that this project did not effect my learning experience because the ice in the background does not look good. Second the seal does not look realistic especially the white seal, I thing I could have done better or I should have just choose a different animal instead. Also I did not add value and the color just looks a little awful. But it does look cute and I did try to put white in it and I like how smooth it went when I put white on top of it.    

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