Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Figure Drawing

The first thing you do of drawing the figure is to do stick figure and add the shapes, or do the shapes which ever is the most comfortable. The stick figure and adding shapes really helps me on my drawing, because I can practice on how the body should look, what position, shading. The challanging part for me is to do the figure in a second or a minute since im a little slow. I didn't add the detail to her clothes or put any shading but over that it looks good. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Look How That Animal Moves

I put in a shade of dark first then put in some light color to make it blend more. I went back it did it again to try to get the texture, I added some white to show some value and to make it smooth.I tried to make it look like they are sniffing or rubbing there noses together. The challange from this drawing is the snow and to blend the color together.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh The Places We Will Go

I used pen and ink on the hair, the symbol of Ra, and the cat goddess. Water color paint for there skin color, their clothes, jewelry, the dessert, and the sky. I was trying to create on how the goddesses of Egypt would give you the power of Ra if you have completed the task they have asked you to do, and what you have learned.   

Point of View

I developed my idea by food, because in your point of view you are eating a hamburger. I challanged myself by doing the meat and the fingers. Doing the hand and the fingers where a challanged since I don't draw hands and fingers that well. The meat was also a bit of a challange but I managed to get them right by practicion. This is the best point of view I have ever done.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


First you take a picture of yourself or a friend. Then you send it to your email or drop box. Then you go to blackboard and there will be a video to watch on how to change your picture. Once that is done print it, take a picture and trace it. Trace the picture and label it with what color you are using. Then cut it out. Get a piece of cardboard that fits the right size and paint your favorite color. Then lay one piece you want to do, spray paint it, wait until it is dray then do it again. There it is. The one I did is good a bit off on the eyes but still good.   

Shoe drawing

The contour lines are much better then the other ones I did in my sketchbook. Some detail but still looks a little small and not the real size of a shoe.

Snoopy's skeleton

My skeleton is snoopy, he is the character from "Charlie Brown". This is what I used for Snoopy's bones because he is sometimes acts like a human. I have learned that bones are hard to draw even if it's your favorite cartoon. But with enough practice bones you can do better. I felt I did good, the ribs and shoulder blade are a little off but not bad.