Friday, January 10, 2014

Character Design

   For this character (the white hair girl) I want her to be innocent but strong and beautiful. I choose to put a short dress on her to make her look cool, put pigtails on  her to make her slight childish look but she is a great fighter. The other (the blond) one i want her to look like a diva and try to make her a little pretty and some plan clothes for her.
 The white hair girl name is Eira which means snow, the blond one is named Hannah, this is there story. Eira and Hannah are sisters and they used to get along well but that was when they were 5 now as teenagers Hannah is jealous of her sisters looks and personality Eira would try to be friends with her sister and try to put more attention on her but Hannah would not allow it. She was so jealous that one night when there parents where away she started a fire to kill Eira but it also kill her too when she tried to get out. That one night changed forever, after there funeral a demon came to Hannah and made her a demon because of her jealousy to her sister while Eira gets to be a reaper to help the trapped souls in need to rest in peace. Hannah immediately blames Eira for making her a demon and plans to kill her, there adventure awaits for them.