Tuesday, March 19, 2013


First you take a picture of yourself or a friend. Then you send it to your email or drop box. Then you go to blackboard and there will be a video to watch on how to change your picture. Once that is done print it, take a picture and trace it. Trace the picture and label it with what color you are using. Then cut it out. Get a piece of cardboard that fits the right size and paint your favorite color. Then lay one piece you want to do, spray paint it, wait until it is dray then do it again. There it is. The one I did is good a bit off on the eyes but still good.   

Shoe drawing

The contour lines are much better then the other ones I did in my sketchbook. Some detail but still looks a little small and not the real size of a shoe.

Snoopy's skeleton

My skeleton is snoopy, he is the character from "Charlie Brown". This is what I used for Snoopy's bones because he is sometimes acts like a human. I have learned that bones are hard to draw even if it's your favorite cartoon. But with enough practice bones you can do better. I felt I did good, the ribs and shoulder blade are a little off but not bad.